Update 11.29.13 – Roll with the Hits – New Zealand Bound

his is a bit out of order, but mostly for friends, family and clients, I wanted to update you all on my present location & plans. I still have one day in India to talk about, arguably the most intense day yet, involving going through the Dharavi slum, getting taken for a ride, almost getting robbed, and seeing Mumbai. I am also working on an update from gorgeous Sydney Harbour.

Today I was anticipating a flight from Sydney to San Francisco but all airlines are oversold until Monday at the earliest. My lodging was overbooked through the weekend, along with most hotels. It was actually the same cost to fly to Christchurch, New Zealand, rent a car, and stay in a hostel there instead of booking a hotel in Sydney for three nights. I was on the fence about going from the start, and home sickness has gotten the better of me until today. In the time I was told my flight was oversold, I had about an hour to research and plan what I would do from there before I needed to board a flight to New Zealand, if that was the route I went.

Well, here I sit, after rushing to book a flight, car, lodging, getting through check in, customs, and security, my flight is now an hour delayed (insert delirious laugh here). I hope to be back in Sydney on Wednesday for a flight out of here to San Francisco. In the meantime I intend to work on my photography portfolio on the South Island of New Zealand. Upon arriving home, I will have been on 11 flights, traveled by sail boat, train, bus, rickshaw, auto, and more than circumnavigated the globe passing through every time zone and on my fifth continent since first flying in 2009. Yes, I am immensely thankful for the opportunity, I don’t think I realize quite how rare that is, but I’m also beyond tired. All I wanted today was to get home; it’ll be a month since I was home, saw most of my friends, loved ones, and my own bed. I am willing to bet my car doesn’t start upon arriving at home, if I remember how to drive.

Thanks for your patience with me as I balance client emails, journaling, unexpected travel and blogging with experiencing and photographing new places. This is certainly not a vacation but I’m enjoying it for sure. Stay tuned for more of this incredible and ridiculous adventure! Also, suggestions on where to visit on the South Island from Christchurch, NZ, are greatly appreciated!