There’s No Place Like Home

I’m currently in the middle of a move (hence my absence online) back to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, my home for the first 25 years of my life, after having spent the past 13 months focused on Louisiana. There is much that I will miss in Louisiana: the friendly people, the food is absolutely outstanding, a rich history and age old traditions that still live on. But being away from the people and places that are home to me has been more than difficult. After 23 straight hours of driving, I stopped at Sea Isle City, NJ, for a week with my second family, a place we have come to for years. This time I ditched the camera gear. I wanted to spend time on people and reflection, not images. But I’ve found myself snapping away with my iPhone almost constantly, and I’ve realized that these are the moments in life that matter the most, the moments I long to both live and capture. Sure, I wish I had my D3, but I’m ok with a soft focus, a whole lotta noise, and a dash of underexposure, because to me, this is what I’m most proud of.