Being a Friend to Kenya – Fine Living Lancaster

Now that the magazine has had time to circulate, with physical copies reaching at least 8 different states domestically, as well as Africa, I wanted to post my article written and published in Fine Living Lancaster from my trip to Alendu, Kenya with Rafiki Africa Foundation. This article is the product of six months of planning, three weeks of photographing, 16,000 images, a week of editing, and two and a half months of writing. It has changed my life, and I’m hoping it helps change the lives of those in Kenya.

I am looking for broader distribution of the article in part of that mission. Suggestions are welcome. I also need to start finding a way to generate (greater) revenue from this kind of work to continue working in Kenya, as well as other remote regions of the world in telling social photojournalism stories. My life goal as a photographer is to be a voice for those who cannot speak, and eyes for those who cannot see. Any work that I can do with a camera ultimately supports that mission. This is another step in that journey. This piece on Kenya was my second feature published by Fine Living Lancaster, available as a PDF download here. My first piece written and published in Fine Living on the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill can be downloaded here.

I would ask that you please let me know what you think of this story if you read it, and for the sake of those in Alendu, at the very least, please help spread the word. So much has gone into it, and so much more is on the line. To all of those who helped make this journey possible, who were there with me physically or in spirit, from planning to support, conversations to reviewing the images, editing content, and helping me sort through all kinds of hurt, global and political perspective changes, and simply for being there, thank you.