Aerial Photography – Advanced & Dynamic Creativity

Quadcopters help gain access to new perspectives, putting a camera in unique, exciting locations, creating stunning images to help a story stand out. Combining our experience in aerial photographs with traditional photography provides a dynamic mix of imagery.

High Quality & Efficient Production

With live HD visuals instantly available on the ground control station display, creative control and accuracy are a breeze. A super high quality, 20-megapixel camera, and a three-axis gimbal provide precise control for extreme maneuverability. Depending on weather conditions, flights can last as long as thirty minutes per charge for longer uninterrupted flights, and we are equipped with enough battery power to run consistently with access to a power source.

Safe & Legal Flights

Safety is a foremost concern, and Jordan holds a pilot’s certification in the FAA Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) (Federal Aviation Administration 14 CFR part 107). The quadcopter we fly is equipped with advanced safety features including propellor guards, multidirectional anti-collision sensors, GPS stabilized positioning, redundant compasses, automated take-off, and landing including a return to home if radio signal is lost. Safety measures and legal flight procedures have been established and are constantly being updated: you can be sure we’re on top of our game.